To walk into a space that has existed in our minds for so long is an extraordinary feeling, like stepping into a dream. We have imagined this space together, separately, on paper and in lego, for years. And now it’s becoming real.

On a day at the end of May, in glorious sunshine, Jim-the-builder and Phil started knocking together the frames for the walls.

IMG_5030  IMG_5034

A few weeks later, towards the end of July, while the children and I were away visiting family and friends, they started to attach the completed frames to the foundations. In two days we had the external structure of the ground floor.


Some parts are exactly as I imagined and some are not, like the windows which are far bigger than they looked on paper; vast spaces with airy sunshine flooding in. Outside and inside are hardly separate. Without the roof the light is beautiful, like walking into a cathedral. It will be a shame to enclose it.