Beating the weather

We’ve been blessed with two weeks of dry weather and a bit less wind. It’s been a relief to be able to leave the undercoated fascia boards outside overnight and not have to tie down every loose bit of wood. And finally we have been able to put up the large beam that is going to hold up our vaulted ceiling. The house frame is complete.


While we wait for the valuer and the surveyor to sign this stage off for the next mortgage advance, we’re not waiting for the weather to turn. We have a fixed deadline to be wind and watertight at the end of October for our Croft Housing Grant, not to mention the unknown deadline for when the stormy season comes back.



What happens when children and paint come into contact……



The children are on their two-week October break and have been getting stuck in painting fascia boards and stapling on the foil wrap.

IMG_5826.JPG  IMG_5847.JPG

Phil’s been out until dark every evening climbing on the roof and nailing on sarking boards, joined by our friend Ash-the-Post on his day off.


Despite the pressure there’s still time for playing football as darkness falls, near the spaces where the windows will be, in blissful ignorance that it won’t be allowed for long.



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