Work in Progress

img_6124.jpg IMG_6135

Thanks to help from a selection of devastatingly attractive workers in hard hats (not all shown), things are progressing. Too slowly if you are living in a caravan and have deadlines from croft housing grant scheme people hanging over you. But, looking back over the last few months, we have some things that we didn’t have before…

We have lots of insulation and some plasterboard.


IMG_6086 IMG_6155

We have 30,000 litres of water storage. IMG_6077

(One of 3 x 10,000 litre tanks)





We have poo pipes, a septic tank and a Puraflow system, cunningly disguised by trees.

img_6089.jpg IMG_6157

We have gravel, drainage pipes and a gnome.

IMG_6147 IMG_6150

We have internal wall frames and even some wires (devastatingly attractive electrician too shy for photos).

IMG_6156  IMG_6154

The kitchen is ordered but it will be sitting in boxes for a while – a lot more has to be in place before it can be fitted. But we’re moving in the right direction.