In June 2012 we bought a 13 acre piece of land. Rocky, hilly and boggy, with hazel, rowan and willow clinging on in places, bent by the wind to form hobbit sized woodlands, filled with primroses and bluebells in spring. In the summer there are orchids and harebells. And a lot of bracken. Apart from some tumble-down walls there was nothing built on this little croft.

Now we have a polytunnel and a fenced vegetable garden – the makings of a market garden and plant nursery. We have a thriving gardening business. We have 25 hens and ducks that lay beautiful eggs that we sell locally. We have a caravan where we live and the site for a house, where we plan to live. We have one small shed that has too much in it. We have a half-put-up geodesic greenhouse that our neighbour gave us and which came up the road, without glass, on the back of a pick-up. And we have a beautiful camping hut that one day we will finish and turn into a holiday destination. The seeds of our future.

Meantime… everything is on hold for the house build. Sometimes I forget to breathe. So much waiting.


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